bracketology 2012

13 Mar

this is it..march madness, the time of the year when people everywhere decide they’re into sports and will wager all kinds of money on something they know nothing about. well i actually know something about sports and have a certain affinity for college hoops. the best part of the ncaa tournament is the tradition and the stories. people spend so much time and money analyzing picks and trying to figure out who will win. when in reality, no one actually knows. either way college hoops and the ncaa tournament is a pretty big deal.

the last 3 years i have in fact picked the winning team..thank you thank you thank you. and this year i thought id offer up my thoughts again on what might unfold in this year’s tournament.

my vote this year is kentucky. i know tons of people will be picking them to because they are the overall number 1 seed in the tournament but there are a lot of people who say calipari is only a “babysitter for the pros” either way, kentucky is definitely the team in the tourney with the least amount of flaws. their bracket is tough but with davis and kidd-gilchrist i think they’re going to be pretty hard to beat.

other teams that can make it far could be syracuse, unc, missouri, kansas, florida state, and baylor. syracuse. if syracuse can get out of their own bracket by beating florida state, they might have enough ammunition to win the championship and when everyone on their team is clicking, they can be deadly.

florida state. they’re the hot pick right now having just beaten duke and unc, so don’t sleep on them people. they are peaking at just the right time. tournament time.

unc. another top pick that many people will have. unc has definitely been battle tested this year and shown that they can really win it all if they play well. 1 problem is john henson and is apparent hand injury however, roy williams knows how to coach and this is something that could help unc down the road in the tournament.

your’e probably gonna think, no mention of michigan state? i honestly think they are the 1 seed with the slimmest chance of winning it all and could lose early if they take any team too lightly. their side of the bracket is tough.

now don’t underestimate louisville or cincinatti either they just both had huge wins in the big east tournament and peyton siva from louisville is playing like a man on a mission.

another team that could shock people could be florida. they were definitely not as good this year and expected but they have played a tough schedule and a lot of tough teams. they are definitely tested and might have learned from their mistakes just in time for the tournament.

but im going with kentucky. least flawed team. and their loss to vanderbilt only helps them because it shows the guys that they’re not invincible and they cant take any teams lightly. there are some potential matchups with kentucky that could garner a lot of attention, and they cannot overlook any one if they want to win (ie: uconn and indiana). that’s my pick. quote me.

i love march madness. happy bracketology people!


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