first round matchups ill be watching…

15 Mar

while every game in the tournament is important, here are my picks for some interesting matchups…

t-4 hours till the games start!!

#6 murray state vs. #11 colorado state (march 15th – 12:15pm) – murray state is playing really close to home and have had a great season. murray state is a good offensive team and while colorado state has some weapons, they are not too deep off the bench. look to see how much murray state can cause colorado to turn the ball over.

#5 vanderbilt vs.#12 harvard (march 15th – 4:40pm) – this game involves 2 extremely likeable teams.  vanderbilt had a few bad losses but ultimately won the SEC tournament by beating out heavily favored kentucky. while harvard is coming having won the ivy league while also beating florida state this season. i know someone who has actually picked them to make it to the final four!  both these teams have huge upsides and a few wins for harvard and they’ll be looking at homecourt advantage in boston.

#1 kentucky vs. #16 western kentucky (march 15th – 6:50pm) – who doesn’t want to see the overall number 1 seed in the tournament play? plus its already a good story being that wku beat mississippi valley state in the first game of the tournament. maybe kentucky can practice their free throws during this game.  should be a fun one to watch!

#7 gonzaga vs. #10 wvu (march 15th – 7:20pm) – this 7/10 matchup is a virtual home game for the lower seeded west virginia and this game could be interesting. west virginia is definitely battle tested having played in the big east so it’ll be interesting to see if bob huggins’ group can pull out the upset. kevin jones will probably be key in this game.

#5 whichita state vs. #12 vcu (march 15th – 7:15pm) – whichita state is seeded way higher than vcu but vcu did make it all the way to the final four last year. whichita state has some really talented seniors and are one of the best mid-major teams in the tournament this year.

#8 iowa state vs. # 9 uconn (march 15th – 9:20pm) – a pretty evenly matched game. uconn is peaking at the right time having won a few big east games but they rely to heavily on shabbaz napier and jeremy lamb.  this team does knows how to win a championship being that they won the tournament last year but the win lies in their need to bring a total team effort against a highly talented team of iowa state.

# 6 cincinnati vs. #11 texas (march 16th – 12:15pm) – both of these teams were almost out of the tournament but played well enough in the last few weeks of the season to make it and each has something to prove. cincinnati had 2 huge victories over georgetown and syracuse (with fab melo) in the big east tournament last week that will definitely have this texas team’s guard up. it seems like cincinnati is peaking at an important time. yancy gates could be extremely important in this game. this could be a game where the team that controls the offensive glass wins.

#3 florida state vs. #14 st bonaventure (march 16th – 2:45pm) – no one can deny that the acc tournament champions, florida state have the advantage in this matchup and nearly everyone will probably pick the seminoles to win this game (i picked them too)! But they can’t underestimate st bonaventure and that they are in the top 25 in the nation in offensive rebounding and in the top 90 in field-goal defense, defensive rebounding and three-point percentage. a probable win for florida state but a potentially pretty cool game to watch.

#3 georgetown vs. #14 belmont (march 16th – 3:10pm) – this game is important because georgetown hasn’t won a first round game in 2 years. you can bet that john thompson III will definitely have his guys on guard for this game but this is one that many are picking belmont with the upset. belmont only lost to duke by 1 point this season and have some really solid wins. georgetown is highly ranked and has one of the nation’s top defenses. it’ll be interesting to see how close this game really is.


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