cinderella at the big dance

19 Mar


its the story we love to read, its david beating goliath, the little man beating the big man, and its what march madness is all about. this past weekend was just another reason why we love to be sports fans. it was not about the best team in the country, it was about the team with the heart, the coach who takes his team to great heights, and the athletes who take everyone by surprise.

this past weekend we saw two heavily favored #2 seeds go down and in true cinderella fashion. lehigh and norfolk state showed why we love to root for the underdog. while neither team made it onto the sweet sixteen, no one will forget those wins for a long time.

this year’s tournament sweet sixteen is exactly what defines the ncaa tournament. we still have all 4 #1 seeds, kentucky, unc, michigan state, and syracuse but only two #2 seeds left (ohio state and kansas).

let’s look at the midwest region first. right now it seems that unc has the easiest game coming up playing #13 seed ohio. but if this past weekend is any indication, i don’t think unc will be taking them lightly. its going to be interesting to see how unc will respond with the injury to kendall marshall but they did well without john henson so i would not be too worried.

#11 nc state/#2 kansas is a matchup that seems to be another easy one for kansas until you look at what nc state has done these last few weeks. nc state just beat san diego state and georgetown. at this point in the tournament, seeds don’t really matter, and if you ask duke or missouri, they’ll probably tell you they haven’t mattered since the beginning.

im really looking forward to both games in the west region. #1 michigan state is looking great right now but so is #4 louisville. both teams have a highly regarded star in draymond green and peyton siva and two highly successful coaches in tom izzo and rick pitino. will it be green or siva? izzo or pitino? im a huge peyton siva fan and im rooting for louisville but im thinking the winner of this game could go to the final four.

but then you go to the other game: #3 marquette and #7 florida. again, i wouldn’t underestimate this lower seeded florida team. they have had some questionable losses this season but they played a tough schedule for a reason. im going to guess that they have learned from their losses this season and are at their peak. but, im rooting for the big east team here because i think marquette is a solid team with great coaching and star power as well.

#1 kentucky will probably be the team to emerge from the south region and into the final four (i still have them winning the championship) but i don’t think the road will be easy. they have to get through a highly successful #4 indiana team who the last time they were in the sweet sixteen, made it to the championship game. this game could be close.

and then there is #3 baylor/#10 xavier. im not surprised that baylor is in this game but i am surprised by xavier. however, xavier showed everyone that they can come back from big deficits. it’ll be interesting to see which team plays better in this matchup.

one more region, the east region. this region definitely features some surprise teams. #1 syracuse has definitely shocked people in the way they have responded to the loss of fab melo but they looked good in their last game versus kansas state. however, this #4 wisconsin team did just beat a heavily favored vanderbilt team. im excited to see what defense the badgers will use and how the orange will respond. wisconsin might have been the favorite to beat syracuse last week but so was kansas state.

and then you have #6 cincinnati vs #2 ohio state. wow. that’s the word to describe cincinnati and their win over highly favored florida state. no one saw them coming, except for maybe syracuse, who cinci beat two weeks ago in the big east tournament. im surprised by ohio state because they seemed to be a better team early in the season. however, it does not look like jared sullinger will let his buckeyes lose in the sweet sixteen again.

will some cinderella teams emerge in the sweet sixteen rounds? or will all the higher seeds prevail?

march 22nd and 23rd should be a fun-filled two days…


One Response to “cinderella at the big dance”

  1. Eye Floaters March 20, 2012 at 4:50 am #

    Awesome games, but North Carolina looks like the best tourny team left. G’Town dissapoints again!!!

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