where will tim tebow go?

21 Mar


the question on everyone’s mind right now is not how will peyton manning do with his newly found home in denver (everyone is pretty much expecting greatness) but what happens to tim tebow?

2 1/2 months ago, tebow looked like he could do no wrong for the denver broncos. he was on every sportscenter highlight, the cover of magazines and newspapers, and a myriad of commercials. oh how the times have changed drastically. now, i will admit, i am not a lover of all things tim tebow and have tried to not give in to the hype. i think at times, tebow, as a player and a person has been blown completely out of proportion, but, i think there is value to him as a player and really as a brand. tebow has the ability to change the atmosphere of a team and does have (gasp) some legitimate playmaking abilities.

so the question becomes, where will he go? denver is apparently set on trading him although i do think that he would benefit from staying there for a few years and learning from peyton. but, i get it. there is a certain air that goes with tim tebow and for a team looking to infuse some energy into their fan base and franchise, he could be the right choice.

the other thing to take into account is will tim tebow be a legitimate contender for a starting quarterback job on any nfl team? as many analysts have said, tim tebow is a great athlete and football player. but he needs more time to develop his nfl quarterback skills. if he is set on being a starting qb on an nfl team, he might need to sit back and learn from a more seasoned starter. i think quarterback competition would greatly benefit tebow so more time for him might be necessary. tebow’s completion percentage last season was lower then the average completion percentage for all the nfl quarterbacks.

so where does he go?

the biggest names that are out right now are the jacksonville jaguars, the green bay packers, the miami dolphins, and .. the new york jets (a recent development).

i think the jaguars would probably benefit the most from tebow because they will be able to create excitement again for their team. they have been a franchise that has always struggled. tebow is from jacksonville and will definitely sell tickets and create excitement. but will he really help the team out as a quarterback? plus, jacksonville has 2 quarterbacks signed already.

the packers are an interesting team because they would be gaining another well-liked quarterback in tebow but they would also be saying to tebow, you are going to be the back-up for a while. aaron rodgers is not going anywhere anytime soon and it is highly unlikely that tebow will beat him out for the starting  job.

now the miami dolphins are another florida team that would benefit from the excitement of tim tebow. however, they would probably have to change too much of their offense in order to make tebow successful. this is where the discussion of a possible position change for tebow could come in. tebow has the capabilities to be a great nfl running back or tight end and could play a lot more if he chooses to make a position switch.

lastly, the new york jets have emerged as another team interested in tebow. tebow to the jets could get interesting. they could benefit greatly from the excitement of tim tebow and it might provide a spark for a franchise and fan base that has been disappointed by quarterback mark sanchez as of late. it could be good to see some quarterback competition between tebow and sanchez but again, its a gamble.

i have no idea where tebow will end up but im sure that wherever he goes, he will not only have his loyal fans follow but he will also gain many new “tebow faithful” as well.


One Response to “where will tim tebow go?”

  1. Adina March 21, 2012 at 10:04 am #

    Jacksonville seems like the most obvious choice. Miami has already started building their team as a passing offense this off season and it would be hard for philbin to transition from coaching rodgers as green bays offensive coordinator to managing tebows unconventional offensive style as miamis new head coach. Green bay would be a poor idea too since I can’t see tebow being on the same team as Rodgers. And finally the jets seem like the worst idea of them all. It would hurt their already tenuous credibility as a team and would be a terrible place for tebows hot and cold success. Not to mention sanchezs sensitivity and already bruised ego from the failed Peyton attempt.

    Even with quarterbacks already on the roster Jacksonville seems like a good fit. If I was their head coach I would even put tebow and another quarterback on the field at the same time to keep the opposing offense guessing.

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