the battle of the coaches

23 Mar

so syracuse vs. ohio state, louisville vs. florida. or should i say boeheim vs. matta, pitino vs. donovan?

i bet if you heard all 4 of these names you would probably know how huge they were. if you didn’t know 4 of probably the biggest names in ncaa basketball coaching right now. just another reason why the 1st two games of the elite 8 are going to be fun.

so first you have syracuse and ohio state. so many people thought syracuse would be the first #1 seed to lose because of their recent player woes. but they have actually been one of the biggest surprises so far. they have shown that they are still a team made up of great players and coaches. it wasn’t easy against wisconsin but they pulled out a win and deserve to be in the elite eight. plus, they’re led by jim boeheim, 3rd on the all time coaches win list and clearly a coach who can inspire his players to play past the scandals.

i am probably the most surprised by this ohio state team. while they are the #2 seed in the region, i honestly didn’t think they would make it this far. in the past, they have not made it past the sweet sixteen so it’ll be interesting to see how thad matta and his team handle the pressure of a big game like this and the defensive pressure of syracuse. thad matta is probably the least storied coach of these 4 but he is big time. jared sullinger and aaron craft have both proved to be important to their team and will need to have big games in order to get past syracuse.

earlier this week i said i was rooting for louisville to win and they definitely won big. louisville shocked many last night when they won a huge game versus the heavily favored and #1 seed michigan state spartans. from the beginning, louisville’s defensive pressure was too much for michigan state to handle. louisville used their defense together with some huge 3s in the second half to show everyone why they won the big east championship a few weeks ago. the big east has been here before. last year uconn took their big east tournament win all the way to the national championship and won. so can louisville do what uconn did last year? what i love about this louisville team is that they are not just a one man show. they are led by petyton siva but they have a few guys who have stepped up and could prove to be huge when they play florida on saturday. louisville is coached by rick pitino, a highly regarded coach known for his defense.

and then there is florida, the other side of this story. a #7 seed who is clearly peaking at the right time. florida has been battle tested and clearly shows why its important to play a tough schedule throughout the season. the gators are definitely not your typical #7 seed and with bradley beal playing like he is now, their game saturday will be a site to see. if florida can handle the defense of louisville, this could be the best game of the elite eight. plus, the last time billy donovan made the elite eight, he won the national championship.

this will again be a battle of coaches, pitino vs donovan, who will win?

looking forward to these games but definitely not looking past the exciting games that will be on tonight!!



One Response to “the battle of the coaches”

  1. rosenrobot March 23, 2012 at 10:34 am #

    Two big east teams Syracuse and Louisville, plus Mike Rosario (booo) playing for Florida

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