Final Four thoughts

26 Mar

So the stage has been set. The final four features 4 really great teams. #1 seed Kentucky, #2 Ohio state, #2 Kansas and #4 Louisville.

Final Fours are always filled with what ifs and stories about which teams didn’t make it but this is about what teams made it and how they have gotten where they are.

The only team I’m really surprised by is #2 seeded Ohio state. I’m thoroughly impressed by their resilience and the path they have taken to reach the final four. They played a great game against a Syracuse team that was struggling. We can’t sit here and ask the questions “what if” about Ohio state. They have made it. Great for them. Jared Sullinger and Thad Motta have taken this team far.

I really like this Kansas team because I honestly feel like they are a complete and together team. Bill self has done a great job making them a team and they did just beat UNC.

Wow. I am so impressed by Louisville. I actually have them in my final four because I was so impressed by their play in the big east tournament. They have definitely shown that they are a team to be reckoned with and if I was Kentucky, i would beware right now. Rick Pitino is one good coach.

Oh. But then you have Kentucky. The lone #1 seed left in the tournament. I still have them winning it all. Now I know, Kentucky is the “safe” pick but they are the most complete and the best team in this final four. They have star power,Coach Calipari, play as a team, and can now make their free throws!

So I picked Kentucky because I think they will win but I’m not going to lie, I would love to see Louisville pull the upsets.

There are so many great things about the final four. What I love about it is the hoopla that leads up to the games, the states, and the effort and excitement that follows it all.

Here we go….


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