kentucky vs kansas questions

1 Apr

its been about 3 weeks since i started my blog and sadly, that means were nearing the end of the ncaa tournament. but im not sad at all because it just means that tomorrow is the men’s basketball national championship game. and wow, this game bears no disappointment.

i don’t think anyone is really surprised by either team. kentucky is the obvious favorite to win and still, my pick but there are a few obviously huge match-ups that will be key to this game and the team that wins the majority should be the winner of this game.

first, you have probably the two best men’s college basketball players in the country going head-to head. anthony davis is hands down the best player in the country right now but kansas’ thomas robinson is right there behind him. will this be a game where davis dominates in the paint? or will this be grueling battle under the net and on the boards.

second, if both teams’ final four games are any indication, this game could be close. kentucky easily pulled away from louisville in the beginning but then allowed them to come incredibly close. louisville did this with their defense. then in the 2nd game, kansas was down by double digits to ohio state and came back riding their defensive pressure. im gonna guess that this game will be close throughout. in fact, i hope this game will be close. will kansas’ defense give kentucky a problem?

third, the supporting casts. while davis and robinson are the “stars” of each team, they would not be in this game if it wasn’t for their supports casts. michael kidd-gilchrist, terrence jones, marquis teague and darius miller have showed that they’re not a one man or even three-man team. they are a team for a reason. when one guy is in foul trouble, they can still beat you. and then you have kansas’ team. tyshawn taylor is a huge part of what kansas does as is jeff withey. but if taylor and withy don’t show up this could be a long night. so which team is better?

lastly, two of the biggest coaches in men’s basketball are meeting in the biggest game of the season. but wait, didn’t they do this in 2008? yep. john calipari and bill self met each other when calipari was the coach of memphis. can calipari finally win a championship? memphis looked poised to win in 2008 but they let it slip away to kansas. can self pull off another upset victory over coach cal? this will probably be one of the biggest stories of the game.

well…kentucky is one of the best freshman-filled teams ever. they are pretty unselfish despite their futures in the NBA and if they play like they have, they should win this game.  im going with kentucky like i have since march madness started. but, im hoping this game is close and i hope that everyone who has kentucky as the winner gets nervous, because isn’t that what the ncaa tournament is all about?


one more thought: while everyone is complaining about anthony davis’ unibrow here’s my thought. if i was anthony davis and the best basketball player in the country, i would do whatever i wanted. i would say who cares if they make fun of my unibrow? im anthony davis. and then i would laugh. its his signature. good for him.


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