give the women some love

2 Apr


so today is the day that the entire men’s basketball season culminates in the national championship game. everyone is excited including me. but, there is another important game that takes place tomorrow and seemingly gets no love. tomorrow night is the ncaa women’s basketball championship. this game features 2 incredibly talented teams with star power and star coaches. both brittney griner and skylar diggins are amazing examples of women athletes who elevate the level of play in the women’s basketball realm. brittney griner is hands down the best post player and skylar diggins is the best point guard. notre dame just beat uconn for the 3rd time this season and baylor just beat stanford. plus, baylor is going for an undefeated record of 40-0. while they are the favorite, im rooting for notre dame. just like kentucky and kansas, these teams have incredibly likable and talented star players as well as highly successful coaches who beat to their own drums. however, despite their efforts, the love for the women’s game seems to be at a low standstill.

i feel like people have been grappling with this issue for years. how do we garner more attention for the women’s game? how do we not only get people to watch it, but to also like it?

well i have one suggestion. why doesn’t the ncaa pair both the men’s and women’s final four championships together? picture this: all in one city, friday night – womens final four match-ups, saturday night – men’s final four match-ups, sunday night – women’s championship, monday night – men’s championship. put all the games in the same arena and create hype. then the teams can promote together and the fans can as well. there is definitely enough room and enough hotel space in any of the big cities for this and i think each city could only benefit.

now, im not saying everyone needs to fall in love with women’s basketball. the women’s and men’s game are definitely different. but im saying if the ncaa wants to garner more attention for the game, they should at least attempt to sell more tickets and create more hype.

so while you’re wallowing in your sorrow tomorrow night because men’s basketball is over, you can still watch a good sports game. no doubt the 2 best teams in women’s basketball will be competing and it should be fun to watch. plus, i think we owe it to skylar diggins, brittney griner, and all of division-I women’s basketball.



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