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Josh Hamilton is a Pretty Big Deal

9 May

A home run in Major League Baseball is a pretty big deal. A few home runs in Major League Baseball is a pretty big deal. Hitting the most home runs in the 2008 Home Run Derby is a pretty big deal. Being the 2010 ALCS MVP is a pretty big deal. It comes as no surprise then, that hitting 4 home runs in one Major League Baseball game is a really big deal. Last night at the historical Camden Yards, in Baltimore, Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers hit 4 home runs in a single game and if you didn’t think he made the record books already, he definitely did with that performance.

4 home runs in a game doesn’t happen every day. Hamilton became just the 16th player to hit 4 home runs in a single game. I’m sure if you asked the Baltimore Orioles players and fans what the game was about they wouldn’t tell you the winner or the final score, J0sh Hamilton was the game. Josh Hamilton is really one of those professional athletes who everyone strives to be. Clearly, one of the Most Valuable Players in the MLB right now, he also leads the American league in home runs (10), RBIs (28) and slugging percentage (.691). He really is just that much of a big deal.

But, perhaps the best part about Josh Hamilton isn’t even his record setting baseball abilities as it is his life story. Everyone always knew he was good at baseball. Hamilton was the Number 1 overall pick by Tampa Bay in 1999 but wasn’t able to show the world his baseball prowess right away. Hamilton spent a significant amount of years in the minor leagues while battling with a drug and alcohol addiction. He failed numerous drug tests and lost three years in the minors to drug suspensions. It wasn’t until 2006 that he made a Major League Roster with the Cincinnati Reds. Things still weren’t easy for Hamilton as he was then traded to the Texas Rangers in 2007.

2008 was when the world was really introduced to Josh Hamilton and when he finally got the introduction he truly deserved.

A true victim of alcohol and drug addiction, Hamilton doesn’t deny his story and recognizes that its a struggle for him every single day.  Despite battling recent injuries, criticism, and drug addiction, Hamilton is the model athlete who also relies on his faith.

As a fan of baseball, I am truly happy for guys like Josh Hamilton who have made it this far. Watching him succeed makes me feel like I am successful. What’s so great about Hamilton, is we know he is not taking any performance enhancing drugs or breaking any rules of the game. Josh Hamilton is the reason we love sports.  He is another example of the greatness of the game of baseball. Each night, you never really know what is going to happen and Hamilton is that reminder. Josh Hamilton is a true athlete who is really just that good.